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Networking Adoptable Pigs In Need

How to network an adoptable pig Post in the following groups or website: Pre Loved Pigs – Post here first. This is a public group so your post can be shared into other groups. Search Facebook for a Pre Loved Pigs specific to your state, or a local group for your state (listed below) Mini Pig Education American Mini Pig Education American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Please include in your post: Photo of the pig Your location (City & State) Rehoming fee (if there is no fee, please state that) If you are willing […]

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Pumba Needs Neuter Fairies! Help Save His Life

UPDATE 8/8/16: Pumba has been neutered and is ready to find an adoptive family!  Donations Collected: $140 Crystal Markley (Auction Winner) $60   Rhonda Kunnath (Auction Winner) $75   Dee Burton (Auction Winner) $35   Kayli Houk $57   American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Spay Neuter Fund   Thank you to our generous auction donors: Kevin Gottuso of PigxelArt AMPA – American Mini Pig Association Terri Lynne Dickson   Total Donations Collected: 367 Total Paid to Betz Veterinary for Pumba’s Neuter: $367   Calling All Neuter Fairies!! GA/FL Adoptable Mini Pig Pumba is a 6-8 month […]

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Missouri Hoarder Rescue July 2016

The American Mini Pig Rescue has agreed to help fund and gather funds to support the rescue of 6 pigs in a horrible neglect case of hoarding in Missouri. Rescue Angels, Ann Varner and Kayli Houk, have worked tirelessly to organize the rescue effort, gather support, foster homes, veterinary services, transporting, and screening adoptive homes. Read the full rescue story below. FUNDS COLLECTED: $1,837.92 as of 7/25/2016 $514.92 from the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Spay Neuter Fund $ 508   raised in auctions hosted by the American Mini Pig Rescue $815 donated by individuals to […]

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Spay and Neuter Assistance Program

American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Spay & Neuter Assistance Program  LOVE What We Do? Give us a 5 STAR Facebook Review!   Be The Solution – Stop The Cycle – Be The Change Spay and neuter to help your mini pig live a long, healthy, happy life. Spaying and neutering saves lives. Spaying and neutering helps pigs […]

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Rescue Advocates Spay Auction; Adoptable Pigs in TN

Updated with auction totals on April 18, 2016 Auction Success!  The Spay Fund Auction was a huge success! Thanks to all the donors, the bidders, the winners, and everyone working behind the scenes we were able to raise the $750 to spay the 5 rescued pigs plus add funds to the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay and Neuter Assistance Program. To apply for a $50 spay or neuter assistance voucher, click here.  To donate to the spay and neuter assistance program, click here and make a note on the tax deductible donation that it’s for the […]

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Lower Cost Mini Pig Spay and Neuter Veterinarians

 Lower Cost Mini Pig Spays & Neuters The following list is the map of veterinarians that treat mini pigs. The vets with the LOWER COST SPAY NEUTER marker have been compiled by fellow pig parents that have found spays and neuters to be on the lower end of the range (typically under $200, in some cases closer to $100). Every surgery is an individual case, pricing will vary accordingly. Please contact the veterinarian directly to get an estimated price for your mini pig’s surgery & ensure you are comfortable with the experience and practices of the clinic. […]

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8 Year Old Burn Victim Has A Christmas Wish

  Safyre is a super survivor! She endured horrible tragedy as she lost her entire family and suffered burns over 75% o her body. Her brave face and bright smile has captured the world by storm. She can be found on Facebook seeking Christmas Cards for her card tree.   Since this brave little girl has been pictured wearing a pink piggy shirt, we thought it fitting that a rescued pig paint a picture for her! We called in Petunia from Snout Art™ to paint  a special picture, with her own piggy snout. She finished […]

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How We Help

 The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates help the community with your help! Our efforts help to educate, advocate, support and protect mini pigs & rescue organizations. Monthly contributions to help those in the rescue community. See a month by month list below. Sponsorship Drive: Together, as a community, we can sponsor pigs in rescues or sanctuaries. […]

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