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Rescue Advocates Spay Auction; Adoptable Pigs in TN

Updated with auction totals on April 18, 2016

Auction Success! 

The Spay Fund Auction was a huge success! Thanks to all the donors, the bidders, the winners, and everyone working behind the scenes we were able to raise the $750 to spay the 5 rescued pigs plus add funds to the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay and Neuter Assistance Program. To apply for a $50 spay or neuter assistance voucher, click here.  To donate to the spay and neuter assistance program, click here and make a note on the tax deductible donation that it’s for the spay and neuter fund. 

Auction Totals:

Money raised in winning bids: $1,960.00

Direct donations: $30.00

Fees deducted by PayPal: $63.95

Check sent to Karns Animal Clinic for 5 spay surgeries: $750.00

Total funds added to the Spay and Neuter Assistance Program: $1,176.05


Thank You! To Our Donors:

Thank you to our winning bidders!

  • Jaqueline Spencer
  • Ashley Jenson
  • Jamie McMichael
  • Tonya McGirr
  • Jennifer Eastland
  • Tammy Dodson
  • Cindy Revell
  • Kristina’s Critter Care
  • Laura Rencher
  • Rhonda Kunnath
  • Patricia Cronberg
  • Sara Kiser
  • Kathy Emmett
  • Lannette Amon
  • Holly Butterfield
  • Carrie Sanders
  • Amanda Simpson
  • Margaret Botkin
  • Meagan Esparza
  • Morag Hatten
  • Amy Neuman
  • Kathryn Kidwell
  • Breonna Krafft
  • Jessy Kraft
  • Terri Dickson
  • Lynsey Schwing
  • Christina Dell
  • Malisa James
  • Corey Lum Won
  • Susan Gray
  • Pascale Langlais
  • Lisa Bourgeois
  • Jade Elizabeth Fowler
  • Crystal Markley
  • Tracey Wolf McKinney
  • Jacey Murphy
  • Kim Sullivan Quinland
  • Paula Postlewait
  • Kym Olson
  • Holly Whitney
  • Gail Williams
  • Candace McGrath
  • Babette Leblanc
  • Stacey Walton
  • Jamie Gragg

Adoptable Mini Pigs in Tennessee are looking for a home! Elizabeth Buttram has been saving displaced pigs in her community, getting them veterinary care, healthy, socialized, and screening appropriate adoptive homes. She currently has 9 gorgeous mini pigs available for adoption. All boys have been neutered, but the girls need spayed. If you would like more information on these mini pigs or would like to inquire on adopting, please send an email directly to their foster mom and caretaker, Elizabeth at [email protected]

The American Mini Pig Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Receipts for tax purposes will be provided upon request. We will be assisting in the spay costs for these 5 girls.  Veterinary costs for mini pigs are astronomical, but the cost of adopting out intact pigs is far worse.

Help us help them! An estimated $750 is needed to fund the spays for Tugboat, Ruby, Penelope, Blossom, and Fat Amy. These spays will literally save their lives as it eliminates the serious threat of fatal uterine infections and cancers. It also ensures they won’t suffer the life that was before them, a life of breeding by unscrupulous owners, creating more “throw away” pigs that will eventually be left to fend for themselves. Help us spay these 5 beautiful young ladies to give them a chance at the happy, healthy, life of a beloved pet. If you are able, please donate directly through PayPal here and note that your donation is for the Rescue Advocates Spay Fund. 

Auction Time! In addition to direct donations, the American Mini Pig Rescue is organizing a fundraising auction to cover these spay costs.


knotty pig creationsWhen: 

Start Wednesday, March 23

End Wednesday, March 30 at 6 pm Central Time Zone

Where: The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Facebook page

Why: 100% of proceeds and donations will be used to fund the spay surgeries of these 5 adoptable mini pigs. If excess funds are raised, those will be set aside by the nonprofit to fund future spays. There is NO shortage of mini pigs in the community needing spayed. All money raised will be used specifically for mini pig spay surgeries of pigs in need.


If you are looking to donate an item for the auction, please email [email protected] with a description of the item, the estimated shipping cost, and a clear photo of the item. If you are donating on behalf of a business please include a link that we can use to promote and thank the donor. Thank you for your consideration! We greatly appreciate any help we can get!


snout art




Meet The Adoptable Pigs! 










If you are interested in giving one of these displaced pigs a permanent home, please answer the following questions as a screening application and email to Elizabeth at [email protected]

Rescue Application


Full Address:



Name of pig you are interested in:

Do you rent or own your home?

Do you live in a planned community or have a homeowners association?

Do you have a fenced yard or fenced area appropriate for a pig?

Please explain size, housing structure, shade, etc.

How do you plan to house the pig? Please explain in detail:

Do you have any previous pig experience? If so, please explain:

What are your size expectations? Answers must be explained in detail:

How many members live in your household?

Please list ages, and a brief description of work schedules, school functions, extracurricular activities you may be involved in:

Who will care for the pig while you are away?

Are you a member of any facebook groups? If so, please list below:

Do you have any other pets? If so, please list breeds and a short description of how they are housed:

Who will be the main caregiver of the pig?

Please list your current veterinarian’s contact information:

Please explain why you would like to add a pig to your family:

Please send a photo of the indoor space where you plan to house your pig as well as a photo of the outdoor space the pig will be housed.

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