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Finding The Right Pig

Matching up with the right pig could potentially mean the difference between an adoption success or failure. Take the time to figure out what you want and what is best for your family. Then, begin the search. Don’t give up and don’t make an impulse decision. Remember, adoption is for life!

If you’re not sure which pig would be best suited for your family or situation, contact a local rescue organization. They understand the pigs in their care and can help to pick the best match for your family. Adopting from a reputable rescue organization appeals to many because they are saving lives. A rescue organization’s only motivation is to find the best home for the pig. They have no ulterior motive, they don’t want to get rid of the pig, and they receive no financial gain for the placement. A reputable rescue organization will have the pig spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccines as appropriate, current on deworming, microchipped and otherwise healthy. If the pig will be crossing state lines, the rescue organization will ensure all travel arrangements are made for veterinary records and health certificate as required by law. They will also be completely honest with you about the needs and personality of the individual pig. If you are unable to keep the pig for any reason, a reputable rescue organization will take the pig back. The drawback to a rescue organization is that they may not always know the history of the pig or may have not spent enough time with the pig to fully understand his or her personality and needs. There is typically an adoption fee to cover the veterinary needs of the pig. Pigs at a reputable rescue organization are not at risk for euthanasia. However, adopting a pig from a rescue makes room for them to save another pig whose life is in danger.

Another option is to adopt from an individual. These situations are not regulated at all and circumstances vary widely. These people may be found on Facebook, through friends, or on Craigslist. An individual wanting to sell or rehome a pig may be doing so for any number of reasons. They may be the original owner or the pig may have been bounced around 5-6 times to different homes. They may have owned the pig his entire life or they may have had him for only two weeks. They may be giving away the pig for free or they may ask for $1000, or anything in between. The pig may have been very well cared for or severely neglected. There may have been veterinary care done, or none at all. Individuals may need to find a new home for the pig because of a genuine hardship or because they simply do not want the pig. They may be great people and completely honest with you in all aspects, or they could completely lie.  If you are unable to keep the pig for any reason, most likely, the previous home will not be willing or able to take him back. If you are very specific on what you are looking for in an adoption, then an owner rehome can be a very risky endeavor. On the other hand, if you are looking to legitimately save a life that is in danger, an owner rehome may give you that chance.

Adopting from a local shelter is another option when searching for a pig to adopt.  Pigs in shelters sometimes are owner surrenders so the shelter may have some history on the pig. Most times the pig is picked up or turned in as a stray animal with no known history or age. In shelter facilities adoption fees and requirements vary. Some shelters, especially government run animal control facilities will have very lenient adoption procedures. They will typically have no veterinary care, may be intact, may have mites or other parasites, and may even be misidentified on gender! Humane Society shelters typically have higher standards of care and adoption procedures. They may have the pig seen by a veterinarian before adoption, ensuring a spay/neuter, microchip, and deworming. Oftentimes, a pig in a shelter is at risk for euthanasia.


Rescue Organizations

  • View the AMPA Advocates courtesy listing of rescue organizations here (LINK)


  • Post on your own wall to reach out to friends and acquaintances
  • Search for local shelter or rescue groups and “like” their page
  • Follow pig rehoming pages
    • AMPA Rescue Advocates (Coming Soon)
    • Ether’s Army
    • Pig Placement Network
    • Potbelly Pig & Farm Animal Rehoming Network
  • Post in mini pig groups
    • Pre Loved Pigs
    • Pig Finder
    • Mini Pig Education
    • Mini Pig Owners
    • Pigs Needing Homes
    • Pig Placement network
    • Search for local pig groups such as “South Central Miniature Pig Rescue” or “Ohio Mini Pigs” or “Oklahoma Mini Pigs” or “Piggy Play Days (Seattle Area)”.


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Shelter Facilities

  • Local animal shelters
  • Animal Control Facilities
  • SPCA
  • Humane Societies