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Why Rescue?

There are many worthwhile paths to becoming a pig parent. Some families choose to buy from a reputable breeder. Some families choose to rescue from a rescue organization or shelter. Some search Craigslist for their new family member. Others find their chosen pig through friends or Facebook groups. There is no right or wrong way to find your new family member. The crucial aspect is making sure the addition is in the best interest of your family and the best interest of the pig. Nobody should ever feel guilty for their choice when giving a pig a lifelong home full of love and care. This wonderful moment should be celebrated!!

Rescuing a pig or adopting from a rescue organization is a wonderful choice for many families. The benefits to the family are immense. The benefit to the pig is life changing. Rescuing a pig is one of the most rewarding experiences. While the road is not always easy, it is always worth it.

The Perfect Match

One benefit of adopting a pig is that you can get exactly what you want. If personality, demeanor, or size are an important factor for you, then you can adopt an older pig that has matured to a size you are comfortable with, or a pig that has proven himself to have the personality traits that you are looking for.  Any qualities or traits you are looking for in a pig, you are bound to find in a rescue pig. Not every rescue pig will be the right match, and that’s ok. When looking to adopt, take your time. Make sure you trust the source of information, make sure the pig meets your expectations, and make sure your family is prepared. Whether you are looking for a piglet, or a socialized older pig, a mellow pig, an athletic pig, a smart pig, a cuddly pig, a trained pig, a traveling pig,  a pig with a heartbreaking story, a healthy pig, a pig with medical needs, a pig in danger, or a pig that is gentle with children…. There is the perfect match out there for you. When you find the one, you will know.

Life Saving Decision

Adopting a pig from any situation to provide a lifelong home full of love and care is always saving a life. Homeless pigs typically do not fare well. Even when they are stated as “safe” in an animal shelter, most families are not an educated and appropriate home for that pig. When adopted out the pig may or may not fare well. Many pigs area bounced around from adoptive home to adoptive home. Some will eventually be neglected, abused, sold for butchering, used in dog fighting rings or tortured with hog dogs in training. When you adopt your pig, rejoice in the life that you have saved. Be proud that you stepped up when the vulnerable pig needed you the most.

A Special Bond


Rescued pets are often said to have a special and different bond with their owners. This could be the result of the pig knowing you saved him. It could also be people that choose to rescue an animal tend to have huge hearts. Pigs are very intuitive creatures and can see right to that warm loving heart. When you treat them right, they will certainly cherish you, no matter their past.



A Rewarding Challenge

11902553_864408760341126_2522755881895631214_nHave you ever faced a good challenge and felt better about yourself once accomplished? Adopting a rescued pig is much the same. Depending on the pig’s personality and history, he or she may need a bit of coaxing to learn to trust and bond. The result is beautiful. Priceless. Words cannot describe.


Typically, a rescued pet is less expensive to bring home than one from a breeder. Many pigs can be found with little to no adoption fee. On the other hand, depending on the pig’s health and history, there could be a large medical bill waiting. Especially if the pig has not been spayed or neutered. When adopting from a rescue organization, the pig should be medically cleared and altered. The adoption fee is typically only enough to cover those medical bills. You can be sure that the money you spend on the pig is actually going to the care of the pig, or the care of other pigs in need.