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Adoption Fees

There is often controversy and misconceptions surrounding adoption fees. This fee is often, but not always, necessary. Charging an adoption fee or waiving the fee is a personal choice. There is no right or wrong answer, as long as the long term welfare of the pig is the priority. The amount of the fee varies widely and is not an indicator of the value of the pig or the value of the adoptive home.Why charge an adoption fee? Charging an adoption fee helps to screen out individuals looking for free animals to cause harm to. One theory is that an individual or family taking on the lifetime commitment of a pet should have the ability to pay the initial adoption fee. Rescue organizations typically spend several hundred dollars on veterinary bills for each pet pig before they are ready for adoption. Some pigs will require less veterinary care and others will require extensive veterinary care. Charging an adoption fee per pig helps the rescue organization offset the cost of this routine expense. Some individuals feel charging an adoption fee ensures the pig will have a happy forever home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some adopters may be willing to pay a steep fee yet aren’t willing to work through behavioral issues that may arise. The best way to ensure a loving forever home is to screen potential adopters thoroughly while requiring an adoption contract with a take back policy, bringing the pig back to the rescue of a change in home is needed at any point in time.Why to not charge an adoption fee? Adoption fees may be reduced or waived for special needs pigs, elderly pigs, or less adoptable pigs that do not fit into most family environments.

At times, owners are faced with rehoming their beloved pet. They may feel entitled to an adoption fee to offset their costs of purchasing the pig or veterinary care that has been taken care of. This adoption fee is not payed forward to help rescue more pigs in need or care for other abandoned pigs. If the adopter chooses to pay the owner this fee, it is simply a personal exchange of money.  As an adopter, it’s important to know where your money is going and make a choice you are comfortable with.

How much is an adoption fee? Depending on the reason for charging a fee, it may vary from $25-600. Some rescue organizations have a set fee such as $250 for each pig. Others ask instead to be reimbursed for the specific veterinary bills that pig has incurred, such as a spay or neuter surgery.

While adoption fees get quite a bit of attention and critique, the life long care of the pig is far more of a responsibility & commitment. Focus on finding the right match for adoption.  If your perfect pig is out of your budget, just ask the rescue if it’s negotiable. Their priority is always placing pigs into great homes. If they are not under financial strain they are likely to negotiate this fee.