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Promoting & Networking Adoptable Pigs

Promoting and networking adoptable pigs successfully is a great way to reach potential adoptive homes while gaining supporters for your organization. To reach the largest audience with your networking it’s important to keep the promotions engaging and to the point. Here’s a few ideas to make a big impact with your adoptable pigs:

Compelling photographs: A compelling photograph is often the first thing your audience sees, and what they will remember later. Remove distractions. Use a camera or phone that takes clear sharp pictures. Blurry photos will not get the same attention as a clear photo will. Take the pig out of any cages. Do not take pictures with a fence in front of the pigs face. Remove any trash or debris or trash on the ground. You want the focus of the photo to be the pig. Get a close up photo of the adoptable pig facing the camera. Make sure the pig is looking towards the camera. Ears up and towards the camera will give the pig a friendly, approachable, and adoptable appearance. Holding food, calling the pigs name, or making interesting noises help to capture personable expressions.

Basic information: The first sentence should emphasize that the pig is looking for an adoptive home. Include basic information such as name, location, age, gender, size, breed, spayed or neutered, microchipped, socialization, compatibility with children or other pets, reason for displacement from family, breeder’s history if known, adoption fee, adoption criteria, along with answers to any other questions that are often asked. Answer as many question in the adoptable pig promotions to reduce repetitive communication that uses valuable volunteer time.

Personal stories: Personal stories are less eye catching than good photographs, but will capture hearts making an emotional connection and deeper impression. This story may be separate from the basic information, or can be combined with the basic information. An example is:

Hi! I’m Layla! I’m a 4 month old mini pig in Nashville Tennessee. The rescue lady said I’m too young to be homeless but the family that bought me from the pet store didn’t know very much about me. They didn’t know that I would need time to play outside and garden. They didn’t know I would loudly insist on meals. They didn’t know a lot of things…. Now I’m looking for a special family that wants to learn about me! I hope they have kids because I LOVE kids! I am so smart o take treats very gently. No dogs though, they scare me…. Just kids please! I already had my spay surgery, worming medication & microchip. The veterinarian said I am healthy and ready to go. The rescue lady said if you want to be my mom, fill out this application _____ and pay the $75 adoption fee to help them pay my bills. Then, I’ll be yours! All yours!!! Wait — you have Cheerios, right? I love learning, I want to learn LOTS of tricks to make people smile, but I get hungry when I’m working. Bring snacks and I’ll be yours forever. I can’t wait to meet you.

Or, another example:

LAYLA: Adoptable 4 month old spayed mini pig. Nashville, Tn. Microchipped and current on deworming. Bought from a pet store by uneducated owners. Good with children. No dogs. $75 adoption fee.

Dear adoptive mom, my name is Layla. The last couple of months were pretty hard on me. I was kept in a bathroom a lot. I was very sad and very hungry. It’s lonely all by myself in the bathroom. They didn’t know how to take care of me and they didn’t like me very much. They were always angry and they didn’t want to snuggle. I tried to be good to make them happy, but they kicked me out anyways. I hope my new family doesn’t lock me in a bathroom. I want to play outside. The rescue lady said she will make sure my new family doesn’t have dogs because I’m very scared of them. If they have kids I will feel much better. Kids are very nice to me and share their snacks. I’m careful to be very gentle with kids so they will keep sharing. Do you have another pig? I would love to have a brother or sister!! If you don’t have one already, the rescue lady said she can help you find a sibling for me!! My dream come true! I’m still a baby, so I want to snuggle lots and lots. I hope you have lots of time to snuggle with me. Not to brag, but I’m pretty smart already. If you have snacks I’ll learn anything you tell me. I have a lot of growing to do so make sure you have a really big bed for us to share! Hurry and fill out this adoption application so we take our nap together! My adoption fee is only $75. I asked the rescue lady to make sure there’s plenty of snack money leftover. I’ll see you soon, mom!!

Compelling photographs: A compelling photograph is often the first thing your audience sees, and what they will remember later.
Video: Videos are an excellent way to engage viewers and grab a larger audience. There is nothing quite as heartwarming as a video of an abandoned pig being loved on by her rescuers. Videos should be done with good lighting and few distractions. Show the pig either indoors in a clear room our outdoors in grass. Cages and muddy pens are not as appealing to a large audience. Have someone interact with the pig on the video. By talking to the pig, training the pig, giving treats, or showing affection, you’ll show the audience what a great pet this particular pig is. Watching the video will give potential adopters the opportunity to imagine the pig in their own family being loved on and cherished.

Network on Social Media: Networking your adoptable pigs on social media is an excellent platform to reach mass audience. This provides the opportunity to find potential adoptive families, financial supporters, volunteers, and fans. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Petfinder are fantastic for networking adoptable pigs.

Preparation for adoption: Above all, ensure the pig is ready for adoption. This includes quarantine as needed, a basic health check, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and assessed for personality or behavioral compatibility with potential adoptive families. This will help to pair the pig with the best matched adoptive home for long term success.