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 The purpose of this directory is to provide resources to encourage adopting, donating, fostering, sponsoring, and getting involved with your local rescue or sanctuary. This list may be used to promote the Blanket Drive or Pumkin Drive. These rescue organizations are often over capacity. Please do not expect them to take a pig you can no longer keep. You can network your adoptable pig at www.MiniPigClassifieds.com or on Facebook in Pre Loved Pigs group.
The American Mini Pig Association & American Mini Pig Rescue is not affiliated with any of the organizations contained in the directories on www.americanminipigrescue.com. The information presented in the directory is comprised of publicly-available information and serves only to inform visitors to the site about organizations that provide rescue or sanctuary to mini pigs.
Other than what is available publicly, AMPA and AMPR does not have any specific information about the rescues or sanctuaries, their respective animals, their use of funds, or their adoption services. Please contact an organization directly for information about their rescue or sanctuary, available animals, fundraising, or events. Any pets or transactions that occur from the information listed on AMPA or AMPR are the sole responsibility of the adoption organization and/or the adopting party. AMPA and AMPR do not endorse and are not responsible for the actions of either part.
If you represent a pig rescue or sanctuary organization in the United States or Canada and would like to be added to the directory please contact us. If you are affiliated or represent an organization that is listed in our directory and would like the listing to be edited or removed, please contact us. Email [email protected]