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Documenting the movements of mini pigs while in rescue is imperative to protect the pig and the organization or individuals involved. Without documentation, the pig could end up in the middle of a legal struggle. A microchip number should be included on all contracts referencing the pig as soon as it is inserted. This permanent ID will prove the pig in the care of the rescue is in fact the pig mentioned in the contracts. All contracts should be signed and dated by the individual and by a representative of the rescue. Applications and contracts protect the pig & protect the rescue organization.


The legal purpose of a surrender form is to prove the transfer of ownership or guardianship of the mini pig. The rescue organization should provide a surrender form to be signed by the owner or shelter releasing the pig. Without this signed release, there could be legal difficulties at some point, putting the pig at risk. Unfortunately, this has happened to pig rescues and rescuers multiple times. One complication is when the rescue takes a surrendered pig, pays for expensive veterinary care to get the pig healthy and adoptable. If the family decides they can’t the pig back, without a signed surrender form, they may be able to demand return of the pig to their care. Another problem rescuers have encountered is transporting pigs to rescue without a surrender form from the owner. In some instances, owners have claimed they never intended to surrender the pig or claimed the pig had been stolen by the rescue. These accusations will be eliminated by a simple surrender form. Another benefit of a surrender form is gathering valuable data about the pig such as previous owners contact information, pig’s age, gender, status of spay or neuter, other medical conditions, microchip number for permanent ID purposes, vaccination or worming history, as well as any behavioral issues that should be considered before the pig is adopted out. Examples Below:
American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates SAMPLE Surrender Agreement
American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates SAMPLE Shelter Release


Every family or individual interested in fostering or adopting a pig should fill out the appropriate application before the pig is placed. If a foster application is not available, an adoption application may be used for foster homes as well. The adoption application will be the most in depth form through the rescue process. It collects information to help the rescue organization in screening to determine if a family or individual is an appropriate permanent home for the specific pig. In rescue, it’s always better to ask than to find out later. No single question should be a determining factor in the application, but each question is valuable in giving the overall picture and insight to the dedication, education, and suitability of the applicant. A foster application may be considerably shorter than an adoption application. A foster application should focus on the immediate needs of the pig and the suitability of the applicant to provide short term care. Examples Below:
American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates SAMPLE Adoption Application
American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates SAMPLE Foster Application


A foster contract is important while the pig is being cared for by a volunteer. This form will specify the obligations of the rescue and the obligations of the foster. It also serves as an important document proving ownership or guardianship of the pig to the rescue organization. This will prevent fosters from placing the pig in another home or dumping him in a shelter if there are complications or disagreements. Items mentioned on a foster contract will include basic care, food, and shelter being provided by the foster home. It may also specify which party is responsible for emergency or routine veterinary needs, microchipping, vaccinations, and worming medications, as well as a time line for spay or neuter. Example Below:

American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates SAMPLE Foster Contract


The adoption contract is the document that will protect the pig through it’s lifetime. This contract should have identifying information of the pig, identifying information of the adopter, and a take back clause expressly requiring the adopter to return the pig to the rescue if they are no longer able to provide care for the pig. This will prevent them from carelessly placing the pig with another family lacking proper screening or dumping the pig at a shelter. If the rescue requires certain standards of care, this should also be mentioned in the adoption contract. Examples Below:

American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates SAMPLE Adoption Contract

Adoption Contract Sample: Ranger Refuge Adoption CONTRACT

Adoption Contract Sample: Royal CONTRACT

Sales Contract Sample can be altered for Adoption: Sales Contract


Any time a pig comes into your care for any period of time, there should be documentation to convey the circumstances. If a pig enters your rescue or household as a temporary guest, a Boarding Agreement is essential. This agreement will contain all contact information for the pig’s owner as well as a description of the pig. It is highly recommended to only take in spayed and neutered boarders. The Boarding Agreement should include details regarding emergency care, how to proceed with the care, who will pay, and when payment is expected. Routine medical needs such as vaccines required before boarding, or routine care needed while boarding. Any care that is expected during boarding should be clearly stated on this agreement, such as spay or neuter.  It is recommended you take photos of the pig upon arrival showing body condition and overall health. This will protect you in case the owner claims neglect once the pig is returned. Unfortunately, many times good hearted friends and rescues have taken in a pig to “board” only to be abandoned by the owner. The document should include the fees (if any) and the length of stay. This agreement should clearly state the date the pig is to be picked up by it’s owner and the procedures if the owner fails to return for their pig. This abandonment clause will protect you in the event that the pig is abandoned, that you can rehome the pig to a home that is willing and able to care for him. The life long burden of care should not be placed on a rescue or person that has agreed to care for a pig for only a period of time. An example is

Owner understands and agrees that if his or her pig is not picked up within fifteen (15) calendar days after the scheduled pick up date, or owner refuses to pay agreed upon charges, the pig shall be deemed to be abandoned and may be re-homed at PIG PEN HILL MINI PIGS sole discretion without owners knowledge or approval.

Pig Boarding Agreement Sample: Pig Boarding Agreement



In some cases a Release of Liability is warranted to protect the rescue.

Release of Liability Sample: Release of Liability


An important part of the adoption screening process is to visit the home, inspect the living environment, and meet the family face to face.

American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates SAMPLE Home Visit Evaluation