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Screening Foster Homes

Screening foster homes is quite similar to screening adoptive homes. The home must be experienced and capable of caring for the rescued pig. The main difference in screening is that foster home screening should focus on the short term care of the pig and his immediate needs which can be volatile and unexpected. A foster home should be flexible and able to handle various situations. Often times, the personality and needs of a rescued pig aren’t fully known until he has been in care for some time. A foster home is the perfect opportunity to understand the pig’s needs for permanent adoption. When considering a foster home, ask lots of questions!! The more questions that are answered before a pig goes into foster care, the less unpleasant surprises there will be once the pig is in the care of the foster.

The application for potential foster families may be duplicated by the rescue’s adoption application, or may be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of a foster home. A phone interview and home visit should be made before a pig is placed in any home. When the pig is placed, a Foster Contract should be signed by both parties, to protect the pig.

Here is a sample Foster Application to help you screen potential families:

Are you over 21 years of age?
Phone  number:
Best time to contact:
Preferred method of contact:
How long have you lived at this address?
Do you own or rent?
Please list household members, relation (spouse? Roommate?) and ages if under 21:
How many pigs permanently live with you?
How many pigs are you zoned for?
How many pigs can you comfortably care for?
Please list other animals that live with you:
Are you willing to allow a rescue volunteer to visit your home to determine the suitability of fostering a pig?
Do you have a vehicle large enough for an enclosed crate?
Do you have a large crate to transport a pig?
How far are you willing to travel from home (in miles)?
Are you able to take in multiple pigs together?
Do you have a securely fenced area for a pig?
Is this area separate from all other animals?
Please explain the living area designated for your foster pig(s) including space and shelter:
Will a foster pig stay inside or outside when you are not home?
Are you able to foster short term, long term, or both?
Are you able to take in emergency fosters on short notice?
Are all your pigs spayed and neutered?
Do you have a way to keep intact pigs separate until after surgery?
Are you able to transport a pig to the veterinarian?
Are you able to dispense medication?
Are you able to give injections?
Are you able to insert microchips?
Are you willing to work through behavioral issues with a pig?
Do you have experience introducing pigs?
Do you have experience training pigs?
Are you able to help an obese pig lose weight?
Are you willing to work with a special needs pig, behaviorally?
Are you willing to care for a special needs pig, medically?
Are you willing to foster an elderly pig?
Are you able to provide hoof trimming?
What do you plan to feed your foster pig?
Is there an age or size limit for your foster pig?
Please list any experiences or skills you feel would benefit your role as a foster home:
Please list your preferred veterinarian so we may check routine pricing and ask for rescue discount:

For sample Foster Contract please see Documents article (link)Examples of what may happen to a fostered pig placed in a home without thorough screening see Fate of an Abandoned Pig article here.