Pumba Needs Neuter Fairies! Help Save His Life

UPDATE 8/8/16: Pumba has been neutered and is ready to find an adoptive family! 

Donations Collected:

$140 Crystal Markley (Auction Winner)

$60   Rhonda Kunnath (Auction Winner)

$75   Dee Burton (Auction Winner)

$35   Kayli Houk

$57   American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Spay Neuter Fund


Thank you to our generous auction donors:

Kevin Gottuso of PigxelArt

AMPA – American Mini Pig Association

Terri Lynne Dickson


Total Donations Collected: 367

Total Paid to Betz Veterinary for Pumba’s Neuter: $367


Calling All Neuter Fairies!! GA/FL Adoptable Mini Pig

Pumba is a 6-8 month old (estimated by veterinarian) mini pig weighing 106 lbs. Jenny Wauson is the kind soul that sprung him from the local humane society to foster him in St. Marys GA, a few minutes off I-95 and just above the Florida border, closest big city is Jacksonville Florida about 30 minutes away. She knew he would be more comfortable and have a better chance of finding an adoptive family being fostered in her home than he would living at the shelter with only a tarp for shade. He was picked up by AC as a stray and spent over a month at the shelter before Jenny came to rescue him from that sad life! She says he prefers to spend his time outdoors, he is becoming curious about inside the house, but appears to have never lived his life as an inside pet. He loves his swimming pool!

Pumba has had a rough start, being an intact male gives him a huge disadvantage to finding a forever family. His hormones make him very uncomfortable and all he can think about is doing naughty things! Poor Jenny!! LOL! Luckily, this fab foster mom has been verrrrry patient and compassionate towards him. He is settling in well to his foster home, even giving hot pants (huff huff, a sign of affection reserved for a mini pig’s most cherished family members)!!

The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates and Jenny know that Pumba’s best chance at finding a permanent family & to enjoy a long healthy life, he needs to be neutered. Now. Before adoption. We are teaming up to help this foster mom get Pumba neutered before he finds an adoptive family to love. Neutering Pumba will keep everyone safe, prevent unwanted pregnancies, keep him out of the hands of irresponsible breeders, and most importantly it will give him the quality of life he deserves. After his neuter, Pumba will have the chance to be a wonderfully behaved companion.

His neuter is going to be expensive because he is a big boy, has been largely unsocialized, he gets freaked out and is difficult to manage. Anesthesia for pigs is very costly, but necessary. All this will change once he is neutered and shown true love…. he just needs a chance, a helping hand, to find his happy ever after.

His neuter is scheduled for August 8th with an estimated cost of $467. Jenny has generously agreed to contribute $100 on top of everything else she has given for this homeless pig. If you would like to join us in saving the life of this deserving boy please send your tax deductible donations to www.paypal.me/RescueAdvocates




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