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Lower Cost Mini Pig Spay and Neuter Veterinarians

 Lower Cost Mini Pig Spays & Neutersmini pig vets

The following list is the www.AMPAVETS.com map of veterinarians that treat mini pigs. The vets with the LOWER COST SPAY NEUTER marker have been compiled by fellow pig parents that have found spays and neuters to be on the lower end of the range (typically under $200, in some cases closer to $100). Every surgery is an individual case, pricing will vary accordingly. Please contact the veterinarian directly to get an estimated price for your mini pig’s surgery & ensure you are comfortable with the experience and practices of the clinic. For neuters the inguinal ring should always be closed during surgery to prevent herniation.

If you have information on a veterinarian that offers affordable spays or neuters for mini pigs please email to [email protected] or Contact Us

On the map, look for veterinarian listings with the LOWER COST SPAY NEUTER marker.

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