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Together, as a community, we can sponsor pigs in rescues or sanctuaries. A sponsorship is a recurring monthly gift donation intended to offset the cost of care for a particular pig. The sponsorship donation helps to cover expenses such as food, bedding, medical needs, veterinary expenses, and other routine needs. Rescues and sanctuaries often depend on these sponsorships to cover the daily expenses for the pigs in their care. Your family may also choose to send holiday goodies, birthday gifts, random treats and surprises to your sponsored pig. Your love can provide a spark of hope for the pig in a rescue until they find a family of their own!

To support the AMPA Rescue Advocates Sponsorship Drive, choose a rescue from the following list. Contact the rescue to inquire on their monthly sponsorship. These are typically $20-25 per month, but may vary. Some rescues also provide a gift for sponsor families to help them connect with their sponsored pig (a photo, a letter, a necklace, etc). Rescues that operate as 501c3 nonprofits also offer the benefit of tax deduction for all your donations!

To have your rescue group or organization on this list, please email info to [email protected]

Alternatively, you may sponsor a Spay/Neuter Assistance Voucher with a ONE TIME DONATION of $50. Donate here.

Support the American Mini Pig Rescue Blanket Drive here.




American Mini Pig Rescue


Sponsor a Spay or Neuter for $50 DONATE HERE

Donate any amount to the Spay/Neuter/Microchip Assistance HERE

Amazon Wishlist: SHOP HERE

Contact: WebsiteFacebook

Email: [email protected]

501c3 nonprofit organization, donations are tax decutible


Intro: To date, the American Mini Pig Rescue has given over $11,655 to assist in spays and neuters of over 180 pet pigs across the nation! This assistance helps to keep pigs in their home, helps rescue/sanctuary pigs become adoptable, helps to prevent behavioral problems, helps to prevent health problems, and is an important step in reducing the number of unwanted or unplanned piglets. Help us help those in need, and donate today! Any amount is greatly appreciated and tax deductible!



Oinking Acres 


Sponsor a Pig for $25/month. Sponsors receive sponsorship certificate, photo of the piggy they sponsor, and a special thank you gift from Oinking Acres. 

Amazon Wishlist: SHOP HERE

Contact: Adventures at Oinking Acres on Facebook


Intro: Oinking Acres is a foster to adopt rescue based out of our home. We take in displaced, abandoned, or neglected pigs and get them ready for adoptive homes.




Gracie’s Acres


501c3 nonprofit, donations are tax deductible.

Sponsor a Pig for $20/month

Contact: Facebook or email [email protected]


Intro: We are a 501c3 rescue and sanctuary located in Lebanon, Tennessee. We care for over 100 pigs and only about 20 have sponsors at this time. Sponsorsihp means so much to us and our pigs. It helps cover the cost of our enourmous $2,000 per month feed bill. Our sponsorships are only $20 per month. We are also in search of a corporate sponsor or sponsors if anyone would be interested in doing so. The pig community is amazong and we are always so appreciative of the support we and our pigs receive. 





My Pig Filled Life


501c3 nonprofit, donations are tax deductible.

Sponsor a pig for $20/month – included: glossy print, piggie trinket for pigrent and monthly updates.

Contact: Website or Facebook or Phone 830-265-8882


Intro: I’m a single mom to two kids. I work full time as a consultant in the restaurant industry. I love GOD! Serve as a children’s ministry leader and love the outdoors! And I love piggies! How I got started with piggies. A few years back I saw a pair of piglets on a local livestock page. Like most people I didn’t know a thing about mini pigs or any pigs for that matter. BUT they were so cute right!?! A short while later I added two more piggies to the family! More cuteness and those itty bitties are just the best! Not long after adding our second pair did I realize I needed education about their needs, best habitats, feeding, etc. So like many I joined the pig pages to learn. Quickly I realized I didn’t know anything but more than that I saw so many pigs needing to be rehomed. So I offered to foster a pig. It was awesome! Soon I opened my farm to many others and quickly was at a dozen! Seeing more and more heartbreaking stories I prayed about next steps. I truly believe that GOD has given me this farm and a huge heart to make a difference for these pigs.Today I’m at 51 piggies with two rescues pregnant! We’ve quadrupled piggies in a year and don’t regret one moment. I’ve learned so much! Met the most amazing pigrents! Formed a non-profit…..all with the hopes to educate others about mini pigs and provide love to those abandoned and neglected. Mini pigs are the best pet when you’re educated, committed, compassionate and can afford the proper vet care.About me: I’m a single mom to two kids. I work full time as a consultant in the restaurant industry. I love GOD! Serve as a children’s ministry leader and love the outdoors! And I love piggies!




Star’s Piggy Wiggly Sanctuary

CANADA, British Columbia 

Intro: I have opened my 20 acres farm to rescue farm animals who need forever homes. We have 6 rescues pigs so far. My mission is to help the farm animals out there that need a forever home no matter what their circumstances are. They will have a forever home here with us.



Angel Eyes Farm


Contact: Facebook 



Hercules’ Haven 


501c3 nonprofit, donations are tax decutible

Sponsor a potbellys for $30/mo; farm pigs are $45/mo. Sponsors will receive a sponsorship certificate and pictures of the piggy in the mail. 

Contact: HerculesHaven.org Alison Stone 319-743-8446

Intro: We are a new rescue that just had our grand opening in October. We are a place that rescues many animals, but pigs are my main love. We currently have 13 pigs including 5 babies I am working to re-home. We work to rescue these animals because it is our calling and a way we can give back to this world. I think our rescue stands out and will be successful because we are located just  a few miles outside the city so we are accessible to many. Having sponsors for these animals means we can care for more. We are building a larger pig enclosure this spring, just so we can take on more pot-bellys. We are planning many new educational opportunities this spring and hope to bring groups of children out from schools and such. I hope to teach the younger generations about these animals, to help kids and adults make a connection to these animals so hopefully we can reduce the need to have to many pigs needing re-homing, fosters, and piggys in shelters.


Wallflower Farmstead and Sanctuary 

CANADA; Wuhrs Beach, New Brunswick

Contact: [email protected]


Intro: We are We are Wallflower Farmstead and Sanctuary in Wuhrs Beach, New Brunswick. We have two rescue potbelly pigs, Charlie & Maple and would love to take in many more! If someone sponsored our little pigs this upcoming year we could help so many more animals!


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