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Our Mission

The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates is a 501c3 non profit organization specifically dedicated promoting and supporting the rescue & care of mini pigs to provide the compassion, stability, and love they deserve.  Our team will focus and combine our strengths for the benefit of the rescue community.

American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Mission Statement

The mission of the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates is to protect mini pigs through education, advocating, supporting, networking, encouraging support in the mini pig community of rescue organizations, to help keep pigs in their homes, to connect adopters with adoptable pigs, to encourage thorough screening, to improve rescue practices, to encourage responsible rescuing, and to bridge the gaps in the community for the betterment of rescued mini pigs. To protect those without a voice.

Short Term Goals

To educate in order to benefit mini pigs needing rescued, the mini pigs in rescue, in foster care, or adopted by a new family.

To build a Rescue Network through the AMPA Rescue Advocates Classifieds.

To promote responsible ownership and rescuing of mini pigs.

To reduce the number of misplaced pigs by holding owners, breeders, and rescues to ethical standards.

To support individuals new to rescuing mini pigs, ensuring they have needed resources available.

To network with rescues and sanctuaries in order to better understand the needs, challenges and solutions of rescuing mini pigs.

To consult with veterinarians across the United States to provide essential support and educational resources to keep the rescued pigs healthy.

To build a rescue themed blog that will showcase the achievements, joys, struggles, heartbreak, responsibilities, and rewards of rescuing.

To create an all-inclusive directory of rescue organizations to increase the exposure and support of those organizations.

To build a vast veterinary directory of veterinarians with exceptional experience and knowledge in treating mini pigs.

To educate the public on how they can help rescues, sanctuaries, and pigs needing a second or third chance.

To make available educational resources, webinars, and support to help prevent pigs from being displaced.


Long Term Goals

To build nationwide wide support for mini pig rescue organizations.

To pave a path for future mini pig rescues so that they may build a good foundation and excellent standard of care to successfully fulfill their mission.

To create grant programs to assist the rescue community in various ways.

To raise funds for the benefit of the rescue community.

To eliminate unethical breeding practices.

To reduce the number of misplaced pigs.

To improve the care and welfare of mini pigs in rescues and sanctuaries.

To encourage routine microchipping of all pigs placed through a breeder or rescue, in order to provide the pig a safety net of care.

To build various other support programs in the rescue community.