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Missouri Hoarder Rescue July 2016

The American Mini Pig Rescue has agreed to help fund and gather funds to support the rescue of 6 pigs in a horrible neglect case of hoarding in Missouri. Rescue Angels, Ann Varner and Kayli Houk, have worked tirelessly to organize the rescue effort, gather support, foster homes, veterinary services, transporting, and screening adoptive homes. Read the full rescue story below.

FUNDS COLLECTED: $1,837.92 as of 7/25/2016

$514.92 from the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Spay Neuter Fund

$ 508   raised in auctions hosted by the American Mini Pig Rescue

$815 donated by individuals to support the veterinary bills of these rescued pigs




$299 to cover the bill at Lee’s Summit Veterinary Hospital for Jax’s necropsy ($119.50) and cremation ($179.50)

$215 sent to Lee’s Summit Veterinary Hospital to apply towards the veterinary bills of the 5 remaining pigs.

$444.10 sent to Lee’s Summit Veterinary Hospital to cover medical expenses for 5 rescue pigs.

$458.72 Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center (Baxter)
$71.60 Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center (Baxter)
$349.50 Lee’s Summit Veterinary Hospital to cover Mama Marjorie’s Spay



Margaery – Mama Pig 

Marge the mama pig is in foster care. She has had antibiotics and vaccines. Mama is spayed!

Rescue Advocates paid for Margaery $349.50

$169.50 spay surgery
$150 bloodwork
$10 vaccine
$20 antibiotic

Ned – Daddy Pig

Ned is in foster care.  His future needs will be taken care of by Mo Money for Pigs. The following was covered by the American Mini Pig Rescue:

Rescue Advocates paid for Ned $75.25

$26.50 exam

$15.80 vaccine

$10 benzapen

$22.95 baytril

Kingsley – 9-week old  piglet 

Kingsley is in foster care. He is neutered!

Rescue Advocates paid for Kingsley $175.30

$119.50 neuter

$20 pain injection

$20 benzapen

$15.80 vaccine

Sawyer – 9-week old piglet

Sawyer is in foster care. He is neutered!

Rescue Advocates paid for Sawyer $175.30

$119.50 neuter

$20 pain injection

$20 benzapen

$15.80 vaccine

Baxter – 8-month-old piglet

Kingslayer is in foster care. He is neutered!

Rescue Advocates paid for Baxter $580.04

$15.80 vaccine

$10 benzapen

$22.95 baytril

$459.69 for neuter as associated costs

$71.60 for additional complications from neuter

Jax – 8-month-old piglet (Rest in Peace)

Jax was being fostered with Kingslayer and their father Ned. Sadly, he suffered a severe gut infection and was found shortly after rescue, laying near his father and brother. He had passed suddenly and peacefully. The American Mini Pig Rescue covered the cost of his necropsy to determine the infection and cremation to give him the dignified remembrance he deserves. His death was particularly alarming because he could have been contagious to the other fostered pigs as well as other pigs in the foster homes. Medical care will be needed to ensure all pigs stay healthy. The American Mini Pig Rescue is working to help assist in these bills. Jax’s bills have been paid, no more funds are needed.

Rescue Advocates paid for Jax $299:

$179.50 cremation

$119.50 necropsy




Our deepest gratitude to the following donors for your generous support:

Jason Clayton

Patti Stovall

Pam Huxford

Sharon Lester

Ashton Cobb

Christine Donati

Julie Osborn

Nina Falgout

Jennifer Stoughton

Dianne Hailey

Lydia Weaver

Sandi Albin

Dee Harrison

Kayli Houk

Andrew Milko

Daniel Doty

Amber Carpenter

Jake Harris

Danitta Gilbert

Kathryn White

Gary Babich

Jared Wheatley

Sarah Wurtzler

Kimberly Rueter

Kaite Konoplisky

Nicole Einrem

Elaine West – Rooterville Sanctuary

Cammie Lyons

Lindsay Gourneau

Carla Glutting

Scott Corimer



All 5 pigs will be adopted. Kayli and other Rescue Angels are screening adoptive homes to find the most appropriate match for these very special pigs. If you are interested in adopting, please contact Kayli



Posted 7/11

DONATIONS NEEDED to spay/neuter mini pig family from hoarding case in Missouri! Send tax deductible donations to www.paypal.me/RescueAdvocates

The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates have teamed up with local Missouri heroes in the rescue of 6 mini pigs from a hoarding & neglect situation.

The pigs are SAFE now but still need life-saving veterinary care (spays and neuters)

These sweet and deserving souls are currently being fostered in loving homes and awaiting vet appointments for vaccinations, spays, and neuters. There will be another veterinary visit soon and we should have a total cost estimate and will update this post. Once they have received the much needed veterinary care, they will be searching for their new loving and forever adoptive homes.

We have received spay/neuter assistance applications for six pigs and are currently able to cover $50 toward each pig ($300 total). This assistance is made possible by generous donors, auction donors, and auction winners. Special thanks to Sammy The Hammy The Smiling Pig and Sandy Albin for the contributions that are saving the lives of these rescued pigs!

In addition, we have received $195 in donations to support these surgeries. Huge thanks to Jason Clayton, Patti Stovall, Pam Huxford, Sharon Lester, Ashton Cobb, Christine Donati, and Julie Osborn for your generosity in helping these pigs.

Our current total donation towards the veterinary care for this case is $495 that will be sent directly to the veterinarians involved in the pigs’ care.

If an excess of funds are collected on behalf of the Missouri Hoarder Pigs, those funds will be used to help other pigs in need and/or spay neuter surgeries.

The American Mini Pig Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible. To donate to help these and other pigs in need, please visit www.paypal.me/RescueAdvocates and click the donate button.


Posted 7/12 by Kayli

Rest now, little one.

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this update this morning. Yesterday, we had a fatality and we lost our sweet black baby, who was given the permanent name “Jax” which is so fitting for his spunky personality.

A full necropsy is being performed by the vet who is treating all our hoarder rescues to make sure all our other pigs will not suffer the same fate. We couldn’t get to Jax in time to save his life, as initial testing showed he had been sick for a very, very long time. His stomach was full of sickness which left him with basically no immune system. That allowed a secondary sickness to set in and take him from us very quickly. We are in an even bigger time crunch now to raise funds to provide preventative medication to the remaining 5 piggies, plus our foster families’ pigs if possible. Our vet told us not to panic yet, until we have results and know what we’re dealing with but to be as proactive as possible so that is what we will do. He is a very experienced, very respected practitioner and I take great comfort in his confidence.

What happened with Jax happened due to his filthy living conditions previously to being rescued and the fact that he had never received veterinary care. He was by far the most malnourished and sickly of our 5 boys, and he just couldn’t hang on any longer.

Sweet baby Jax spent his last day on this earth experiencing so much love, dedication and care. He felt freedom for the first time and ran all over his big foster yard with a wagging tail and perky ears. He swam in his new clean pools, had a nice meal, and got to play with his brother and papa. I’m trying me best to believe that with as long as he had been sick, he finally felt enough safety and security to find a nice clean, dry place in the barn to let go of this life that was so hard on him. He passed with his brother and father nearby, and his sweet little body was handled with so much care and dignity by two angels Tiffany Ann and Ann Varner. We will receive test results as well as his ashes in a few days and I look forward to the day we finally get to send 5 healthy, happy piggies to their forever loving homes and scatter his ashes in all of their honor.

Please help us do this for Jax.
Please help us press on.
Please help keep our spirits high.
Please help us provide quality care.
Please help us not fail Jax and his family.

This cannot and will not be all for nothing and we will do every single last thing in our power to make sure Jax’s mother, father and brothers do not share his ending. We were too late for Jax. We don’t have to be too late for his family.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to this rescue by Paypal to [email protected] or by following the donation link on AmericanMiniPigRescue.com


Posted 7/12 by Kayli 

Are you guys ready for some good news about all these rescue piggies? Both eight-week-old piglets and Mama pig have been evaluated, vaccinated and given antibiotics. These two piglets are scheduled to be neutered on Friday and their mother will be scheduled for spay in about two weeks as soon as her milk depletes. The two foster families with these three have also had their pigs treated as a precaution. We have a home visit scheduled for Thursday for our other two bigger boars and they both made it through another night. ♡ Big papa’s limp is getting worse but we’re hoping that is due to slipping in mud and struggling physically while grieving for Jax yesterday. It’s been such a tough 24 hours but here we are, with a lot more good news than bad. Thank you thank you thank you and huge shout out toAnn Varner for getting 3 pigs to the vet by herself! Ha ha, you go girl!

A large portion of our fund went to Jax’ necropsy and cremation and now all this precautionary stuff is coming up to. We’re still in desperate need of your help! Skip your Starbucks today and shoot a few bucks over toAmericanMiniPigRescue.com if you can! There are 13k+ people in this group. I know we can do this!

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