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Emergency / Travel Kit

A travel kit is an important part of traveling safely and comfortably. Below are items you may wish to consider while traveling with or transporting rescue pigs.


Basic First Aid Kit:

Pet Emergency Card – Contact information for owner and veterinarian along with any medical concerns

Emergency veterinarian phone number

Poison control hotline number


Pair of latex gloves

Alcohol gel – for hand washing

Tick remover


Triple antibiotic ointment

Styptic powder

Eye wash

Rolls of gauze

Pads of gauze

Scissors – to cute hair or gauze bandages

Adhesive tape

Vet wrap


Styptic powder

Insect sting relief

Instant cold pack

Buffered aspirin



Additional Items:

CVI Certificate of Veterinary Inspection – as required

Health or veterinary records including vaccine history

Water bottle

Travel bowl

Food shaker – to recall a pig if he gets loose

Favorite snacks


Rescue Remedy – optional

Harness and leash – optional

Ropes or bungee cords – for moving or securing a large crate