Current Fundraisers


Fundraisers in the Rescue Community

The American Mini Pig Rescue organizes fundraising efforts in support of the community.

  • Donate to American Mini Pig Rescue here.
  • Pigasso Art Print:

    Pigasso Art Print by Kevin Gottuso of Pigxel Art

    The famous artist from Snout Art ™ has been  onto this fine art piece. 100% of proceeds benefit the American Mini Pig Rescue. Order your Pigasso art for only $14.99 courtesy of Pixel Art. Click here to order.100% of proceeds from this print will go to the AMPA Rescue Advocates, a group dedicated to promoting and supporting the rescue & care of mini pigs to provide the compassion, stability, and love they deserve.Pigasso the Snout Art™ ( Artist was a beautiful soul who loved life and spread joy everywhere he went. This painting was created as a tribute to his love of life and enjoyment of painting.When the original artwork was posted on Facebook, there was an enormous outpouring of love and support for Pigasso’s family. It was clear that Pigasso had touched many lives and was continuing to do so. From his mom, Stephanie: “It just means the world to me to see the love for Pigasso and celebrate his life and enjoyment of — because that’s one thing he really did was ENJOY life. He was good at bringing people together and I’m glad to see he can still do that.”

    With Stephanie’s approval, we are making prints of this artwork available to everyone to raise money for pigs in need and to help continue to spread the joy and love that Pigasso embodied.

    The Pigasso Tribute Art Print features:

    – Large 8×10 suitable for framing
    – Heavy Uncoated Cardstock
    – Hand signed by the artist
    – Each print will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelope

    If you think you know someone who would enjoy this artwork, please refer them to this page and don’t hesitate to purchase multiples! Again, 100% of proceeds from this print will go to the AMPA Rescue Advocates. Let’s make Pigasso proud!

Other Community Fundraisers: 

  • Ideas: View a list of ways YOU can help to raise funds and supplies for rescues near you.
  • Classifieds: View the AMPA Mini Pig Classifieds for posts by rescue organizations promoting their own fundraisers here.