Teddy The Cuddly Pig Is Looking For A Family To Adopt


Meet Teddy The Adoptable Mini Pig  

Teddy is a neutered male mini pig, approximately a year old. He was recently rescued by Oinking Acres in Missouri, an AMPA Registered Rescue.  


Teddy’s previous owners were unkind to him. He was placed in a very small metal cage and left outside. He became malnourished and depressed. Thanks to the dedication of Oinking Acres, Teddy now has a 2nd chance at life. He was obviously once loved. A case of a good hearted owner rehoming without knowing the despair the pig would suffer in the hands of the next owner. 


Teddy’s foster mom says he is a cuddle bug! As soon as you sit on the floor Teddy will climb into your lap. She mentioned that he may well be the most well behaved pig she has ever met. That’s quite impressive. Teddy has had the fortune to get some good medication to make sure he is healthy, a warm bath to get him clean and shiny, and lots of love. He has been introduced to the foster family’s pigs. Teddy is gentle and submissive. He will do very well as a sibling to another pig in an adoptive home. He already has learned to sit, spin, and kiss on command. Such a smarty pants! Teddy is respectful of his humans and takes treats very gently. He is just a GOOD BOY that yearns for a family to call his own. Won’t you be so lucky to adopt Teddy? 


Please message Oinking Acres on Facebook for adoption application or more details about Teddy. Follow their Facebook page for updates on Teddy and other adoptable pigs! 


Before Rescue                           In Foster Care  

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