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Hamalot Rescue Pig Symposium

The Rescue Advocates were invited to attend the 1st Annual Oklahoma Pig Symposium hosted by 20151026_163053-1Hamalot Pot Bellied Pig Rescue at the Tulsa Community College Veterinary Technician Program. We were thrilled to attend!! We met up with several friends at the event and made some new friends. After the symposium we attended the open house at Hamalot and met all the pigs!

The speakers included Tracy McDaniel founder of Hamalot Pot Bellied Pig Rescue, Shayla Hudson, Elaine Wheat, Dr. Lou Anne Wolfe DVM, and Dr. Katie Simpson DVM.

Topics included what to look for when buying/adopting responsibly, piglet care, obesity in pigs, the importance of spay/neuter and uterine tumors/cancer, other medical concerns and complications, and behavior/training. Tracy gave us a wonderful demonstration of Move the Pig with Wilson. She also demonstrated Flipping the Pig.

There were silent auctions and a delicious vegetarian lunch complete with vegan desserts!

After the symposium we enjoyed a trip to the sanctuary! We met all the lovely pigs. Bella is an adorable young pig, Ruby a more mature gentle lady, and Charlie the freed Tyson pig!

image1We were able to show the differences in size to include how “small” mini pigs are compared to their full size counterparts.

We enjoyed feeding the herd. They are all so grateful for their evening meal.

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