eBay to the Rescue!

The American Mini Pig Rescue is now a confirmed charity on eBay. This means all shoppers & sellers have a chance to support our nonprofit organization!

Read all about eBay for Charity here:

eBay for Charity American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates


How Can I Help?

  1. 12277064_928800240529392_688219160_nClick the heart to “favorite” American Mini Pig Rescue on our charity page, click here, where you can also Buy, Sell, or Donate all for the cause.
  2. Every time you shop eBay, at checkout you can add a donation to American Mini Pig Rescue.
  3. View the American Mini Pig Rescue Charity page for sellers and items that donate a % of each sale to our nonprofit, click here.
  4. Sell your goodies! You can setup each listing to donate 10% to 100% of the sale price to the American Mini Pig Rescue. eBay offers reduced or waived seller fees when you donate to our charity. You can raise money for pigs in need, hassle free! Click here to list your items.
  5. Read all about how it works & how you can help, in this article by eBay: eBay for Charity American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates




Why should I support the American Mini Pig Rescue?


  1. We make a difference for pigs in need! We educate, advocate, and extend a helping hand to the community. Join our efforts to be a apart of something bigger than any individual could accomplish alone.
  2. We help keep pigs in their homes to lessen the burden on the mini pig rescue community.
  3. We help displaced pigs find adoptive homes. View our rehoming classifieds page here.
  4. We offer financial support to rescues, sanctuaries, spays, neuters, supplies and medical care. Check out all we’ve done this year! How We Help.
  5. We organize blanket drives for rescues and sanctuaries across the nation. Send a pig a blanket, today!
  6. We organize a Sponsorship Program encouraging support of sanctuaries with monthly sponsorship donations. We walk the walk by sponsoring Sampson at Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc.
  7. It’s all for the love of the pigs! Together we can make a difference for those without a voice.




The mission of the American Mini Pig Association is:

The mission of the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates is to protect mini pigs through education, advocating, supporting, networking, encouraging support in the mini pig community of rescue organizations, to help keep pigs in their homes, to connect adopters with adoptable pigs, to encourage thorough screening, to improve rescue practices, to encourage responsible rescuing, and to bridge the gaps in the community for the betterment of rescued mini pigs. To protect those without a voice.


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