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How Can I Advocate For Rescue Pigs?

We can ALL make a difference in the lives of rescued, adopted, abandoned, neglected, or displaced mini pigs. Here are a few ways you can make a difference. Tell us how you make a difference in the rescue community, we want to hear from you!

meme 9Promote responsible pet pig ownership by encouraging all owners to follow the American Mini Pig Association’s Owner Code of Ethics.

Promote responsible rescuing by rescue & sanctuary organizations by encouraging the American Mini Pig Association’s Rescue Code of Ethics.

If you choose to add a pet pig to your family through a breeder, only support breeders that follow American Mini Pig Association’s Breeder Code of Ethics. Do not support or encourage irresponsible or unethical breeders.

Encourage responsible pet pig ownership by making sure every pig parent has access to the support and education of American Mini Pig Association website, www.AmericanMiniPigAssociation.com 

Encourage responsible pet pig rescuing by networking the American Mini Pig Rescue website to provide education, resources, and support to struggling owners, new rescue parents, rescues, sanctuaries, shelters, and animal control facilities.

Network adoptable pigs on the Rescue Advocates classifieds page to help connect adoptable pigs with families to adore them for a lifetime.

Organize or support fundraisers for the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates.

Join in the Rescue Advocates Blanket Drive.

11219563_1052269498146595_4654343427415926000_oSponsor a pig or contribute to the AMPA Rescue Advocates Sponsorship Fund. We sponsor Sampson at Rooterville, A Sanctuary.

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